Email list refresh succeeding with zero records, emailing this list correctly sends to the constituents in the query.

When attempting to refresh any BBIS email list the status shows successful with a record count of zero. The query correctly pulls records in CRM. When emailing out of BBIS the correct constituents are emailed and available for reporting.
1. This can occur when the CRM > Web > Manage Web Transactions > Configuration fields have not been configured. To address, access and select a value for each option here.  
2. This can also occur if the application account for the user that owns the Constituent query is no longer active due to the user leaving the organization. Check the owner of the query and make sure the owner is a valid active application user in CRM, if not, recreate the query and add that new query to the list and then refresh the list.

Steps to Duplicate

1. From BBIS navigate to Email, Lists.
2. Edit any list based on a constituent query (verify the query has results in CRM.)
3. Click Refresh List.
4. Note the refresh completes successfully with no duration and zero records.
5. Create or use an email message.
6. Using the previously refreshed list BBIS correctly sends to the constituents that should have been pulled into the list.


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