When submitting a file to Persistent Key audit please include the following fields in the order they are listed.  Our process requires one of two possible file formats. You may submit it in either a comma separated value (.csv) or pipe delimited (.txt.) format.
Unique IDUnique Identifier
Raiser's Edge: Import ID
BBCRM / Altru: Lookup ID
Secondary ID  
First Name 
Middle Name  
Last Name 
Maiden Name  
Spouse Title  
Spouse First Name  
Spouse Middle Name  
Spouse Last Name  
Spouse Maiden Name  
Spouse Gender  
Primary Address Line 1 
Primary Address line 2  
Primary City 
Primary State 
Primary Zip Code 
Primary Address Type 
Phone Number  
Date of Birth mm/dd/yyyy
Once your file is formatted please use the following file naming convention: siteid_clientname_date

If multiple files are being submitted please zip the files together following the same naming convention for the zip folder as described above.

For any questions please contact Misty Thornton (Misty.Thornton@blackbaud.com), your Target Analytics Account Executive, and/or click chat with support.