When users encounter difficulties editing documents created and saved in GIFTS Online, it is likely because of internal security. We can help put exceptions in place so that you can work with your documents. Two places you will make these changes are in your Internet Options, and in Microsoft Word. 

For Internet Options:

1. Launch Control Panel
2. Internet Options
3. Click the green check icon to access Trusted Sites
4. Add the following URLs: "https://*.gogiftsonline.com" (no quotes)  & "https://repository.docs.gogiftsonline.com" (no quotes)
5. OK
6. OK. 
7. Restart Internet Explorer if you have it open

For Microsoft Word: 

1. Open Word 
2. File > Options > Trust Center 
3. Click Trust Center Settings 
4. Select Trusted App Catalogues in the left panel 
5. Add the URL : https://repository.docs.gogiftsonline.com/sites/[enter your GIFTS Online clientid here] > OK (your client ID comes before " ***.gogiftsonline.com in your GIFTS URL)
6. Restart Word