1. Open your special event record. You can do this through Events > Event Search. 
  2. Once on your event record, go to the Invitations Tab 
  3. Click the hyperlinked name of your invitation 
    Click Invitation Name
  4. When you click on your invitation name, you'll be brought to the screen with your recipient list. From this area, under Tasks (in the top left corner), click "Go to <Invitation Name
    Go to Invitation Process
  5. From this area, go to the History Tab and click the drop down arrows beside the process you'd like to clear the results for. Click the Delete button to clear the results: 
    User-added image
  6. Altru will confirm that you would like to clear the status record of the invitation process. Click Yes 
    User-added image
  7. Once the history is cleared, when you go back to your invitee list, everyone should be marked to be included in the next send of the invitation: 
    User-added image