We have access to statistics like this on the Delivery Report if Advanced Mass Email was used to send the email. We can use this report to create a custom account query of the accounts who did receive the email.
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
  3. Click Delivery Report
  4. Select the Mailing ID that corresponds to the email that was sent
  5. Click the blue number next to Successes below the Attempted Email Stats heading
  6. Scroll to the bottom of this list
  7. Select a category from the drop down menu
  8. Enter a name for the custom account query
  9. Click Create
  10. Click Queries
  11. Click Manage Queries
  12. Select the category that you specified in Step 7
  13. Below the name of the query that you created in Step 8, click Preview
  14. Click Export Results to download this list