This is going to be a two-step process. First, we can use a Cross-Event Registrations report to identify the participants and add those report results to a group, then create a Query to identify which participants have completed certain actions.
  1. To run a TeamRaiser Cross Event Registrations report.
  2. On step 6 of these instructions, click Edit next to Security Category
  3. Click more
  4. Select all security categories
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click Save this filter
  7. Click Edit next to Registration Active Status and select Active, Inactive, or both depending on which participants you would like to limit your results to
  8. Click Save this filter
  9. Click Create a filter
  10. In the top dropdown menu, select Event
  11. In the bottom dropdown menu, select Event (for one TeamRaiser) or Event Type (multiple events) depending on which participants you would like to limit your results to
  12. Click more
  13. Select your event or event type
  14. Click Apply
  15. Click Add this filter
    1. If you would like to create a filter based on registration date, click Create a filter
    2. In the top dropdown menu, select Registration
    3. In the bottom dropdown menu, select Registration Date
    4. To the right of Registration Date, select In Custom Range or In Predefined Range
    5. Set the date range accordingly
  16. Complete the steps in the documentation referenced in step 1
  17. Save and run the report
Now that we have the participants we need in the report, we can add the report results to a group. Once we have the constituents in the group, we can create a query and select constituents who have completed specific actions.
  1. After you have created a new Query, add members of a group to your query (the group where you added the report results to)
  2. Add constituents to your query by the interactions they logged.
    1. On step 3b of the instructions above, select the type of interaction that you would like to Query, such as Action Alert Response, Donation, or Survey Submitted. If desired, you can select the specific Action Alert, Donation Form, or Survey that you would like to see, but it's not needed if you want to see all.
  3. Now that your query is fully built, you can create a mail merge to export the constituents in to Excel.