How to export Events and keep them listed by end or start dates

When exporting Events from Events overview > Events to a CSV file the events will export into the same order they are in the list as. Even if you click on start date and change the date they will still export by default to the original listing. Once exported you can change the CSV file itsef to show end dates but the issue can be that some events are dropped from the record. 
  1. In CRM go to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click the Add an Ad-Hoc query button in order to add the ad hoc query
  3. In the Select a Source View window that opens select Event in the Record type dropdown. Click on the Events source view that appears and click okay.
  4. Select the following fields and add them to the top section where it says Include records where to add them to the criteria: 
           Events\Event End Date\choose is last calander year
           Events\Event End Date\is this calander year making sure to add it as an OR statement
           Events\Event End date\choose a full calander year range between 1\1\year  - 12\31\year making sure that this is an OR statement

      5. Select the following fields and place them in the Results field to display area: 
           Events\Event Name

      6. On the Set sort and group option tab highlight Event end date and then over on the right click the blue arrow to move it in the Sort records
      7. Now highlight the Event end date in that area, above it is a small arrow with a small z next to it pointing upwards, when you click that it should say DESC next to event end date
      8. Now you can preview results or set save options, you can also from the bottom choose Export and make sure it looks correct. From here if you need to add other fields like start date or start time just do the same                  
          process for those. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Events >  Events overview
2. Click Events tab
3. From here click on the start date header column to change start date to newest date
4. Click on More ( Next to Add) 
5. Download to CSV and open
6. Check start date it defaults to how it was


 Blackbaud CRM

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