VCO missing from template box on Trial Balance and General Ledger Reports

Visual Chart Organizers are normally used to structure Financial Statement reports, but some account reports such as the Trial Balance and the General Ledger Report can use saved VCO templates to control their reports too. When a VCO uses advanced filters and filters on projects, this VCO is no longer able to be selected on the Trial Balance or the General Ledger Reports. 
VCOs with Project filters are filtered out to improve reporting performance.  Analysis and SKY Reporting are being built out in FE NXT to provide this level of reporting without compromising performance.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login to The Financial Edge and go to General Ledger
2. Click Reports>Account Reports> Trial Balance Report
3. Mark the box : Only include accounts from this chart template.
4. Click the drop down box and notice any vco using advanced filters is missing from this drop down list. 

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