The likely cause of this is the Grade Plan not being open, or the Grade Plan is not attached to the Course.

To edit the Grade Plan to make it active, navigate to:
  1. Academics > Grades > Grading Setup
  2. Select the School Year Setup tab
  3. Select the correct School Level and Grade Plan Group, click View
  4. Click View next to the Grade Plan
  5. Click Edit on the right
  6. Change the Begin and/or End dates of the Grade Plan(s) to open up access for Faculty to record grades
To edit the Course to be attached to the correct Grade Plan, navigate  to:
  1. Academic > Scheduling> Requests and Schedules > Departments and Courses
  2. Locate the Department and click on the > dropdown
  3. Across from the course name, click on the pencil icon
  4. Go to the Grading Tab
  5. Select the Standard and/or Assessment Grade Plan for the Course
  6. Click Save & Close