The only absence reason that teachers are allowed to change after attendance has been submitted is the hard-coded Absent - No Excuse reason. Unless you have enabled Faculty to be able to change Attendance, see How can I allow teachers to edit Attendance after it is taken for the day? Any other change if Faculty Attendance changes are not enabled, must be submitted to the Attendance Manager, who can make the appropriate change OR the attendance for the class can be "unlocked" which reopens attendance for the teacher to make the necessary changes. To unlock the attendance, the Attendance Manager can do the following:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Attendance > Class Attendance > Section Attendance
  2. Change the Status filter to "Recorded" and select the Group and Level, as necessary
  3. Locate the course section to be unlocked
  4. Click on the corresponding Unlock button, or
  5. Click on the Take Attendance button and unmark the "Locked" checkbox
  6. Click Save & Close
Note: When you click into the record for the section, we display the lock check mark as a way for the user to lock or unlock the section, versus just having that capability on the main landing screen of the task and clicking the lock/unlock button. When the section is locked and you click on Take Attendance, you as the manager, can make edits and either unlock (unmark the locked checkbox) and save Attendance, or leave it locked (checkcbox systematically defaulted as marked). When the section is unlocked, and you click on the Take Attendance button, we default the checkmark as marked so that when you save and close, it will automatically lock the section from further editing (in case this was unlocked in error).