Payment application defaults with incorrect account or post status when part of the payment was already been partially applied

When applying a partial payment to an invoice line item, a new application transaction is created. Depending on when the payment is posted, the system would pull from accounts defined in Configuration > Default accounts - either the AR Summary account or the unapplied payment account. If the Unapplied payment account becomes part of the payment distribution, the applications are designed to wash out this entry. In this scenario, that may not be occurring. 

The post status for the application should default to Do Not Post if the payment is applied to a line item prior to posting the payment. If the payment has not been posted, there are no Suspense account transactions to clear out, and no need to post the application. If a payment is posted and then applied, the application post status defaults to Not Yet Posted to clear out the Suspense Account.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Records > Payments > Open Payment in question
2. Select the GL Distribution tab > Note part of the payment was applied before being posted and part was not
3.  Accounts Receivable Detail Tab > Application History > Notice the first application included the Unapplied payment account and defaulted to Do Not Post (correct post status, but wrong accounts involved)
4. Add/Edit Applications button > Mark the check box to apply the remaining balance from payment to an invoice > Save applications
5. Enter a date to post the application to a current period (e.g. today) and click ok > Save and close
6. Go to application history again and see that the latest application has a NYP status but a DR/CR to the same account > (The AR summary account) 
- With these application transactions, the unapplied payment account is never washed out.


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