Credit Card Updater is missing from all workstations

Occasionally, the link to Credit Card Updater will disappear from the Data Health Center for all workstations.  This generally only occurs for organizations with on-premise databases that are not hosted by Blackbaud Hosting Services.
If Credit Card Updater is missing from all workstations in the network, then there is likely an update for the Data Health Center that needs to be applied on the server.
  1. On the server, launch the Raiser's Edge as administrator (Right-click on RE icon > select Run as administrator)
  2. Log in as Supervisor, or use an account that has supervisor rights
  3. Navigate to Web Services
  4. In the Installed Services grid, you should see Data Health Center - if there is an update pending, the Install Update link will be an active link
  5. Click Install Update.
Once the update has been installed on the server, Credit Card Updater should show in the Data Health Center for the server installation and all workstations.  If it does not, follow the same steps for each workstation individually.

If this does not resolve the issue, or if there is not active update to be applied, click Chat with Support, and reference this article.

If Credit Card Updater is only missing from one workstation, please see Credit Card Updater missing on one computer


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