1. Open the Export in the Blackbaud application
  2. Go to Tools > Export Options and change the Export format to Blackbaud Report Writer Database (MDB)
  3. Re-export the data from the Blackbaud application
  4. Open the report in Crystal Reports
  5. Add in the new Export tables
    1. Go to Database > Verify Database
    2. Click OK
    3. Go to Database > Database Expert
    4. Browse for the Export .mdb file on the left side and open the file
    5. Highlight the Export .mdb file on the left and click the double-right arrow button to bring any new tables over to the right side
    6. On the Links tab, change the table joins to Left Outer Join on any new tables
    7. Click OK
  6. Switch all of the old fields out for the new fields
  7. Remove the old Export table
    1. Go to Database > Database Expert
    2. On the right side, select the old table and click the left arrow button to remove this table
    3. Click OK
  8. Save the report changes
  9. Rerun the Custom Report in the Blackbaud application