The filter function in the RELO plugin is a way to limit transactions in the RELO plugin for processing so you can group like transactions together. There are filter options available in both the Constituent Information section and the Gift and Registration section of the plugin. Filter only applies to transactions already in the grid, not all transactions available. If you choose to set a limit on the number of transactions that are in the plugin, filter will only apply to that number, and no new transaction will flow in.

Some users want to know how to refresh the filter settings after processing a group of transactions. For example, after selecting a gift appeal filter users can complete the following steps to return all filter options. Note, this is applicable for appeal, fund, and event filters.

To refresh the filter options after processing transactions:
1. Click the Filters button
2. Click the Reset button (this clears the previously selected filters)
3. Click the Refresh button (this pulls the available transactions back into the plugin grid)
4. Click Filters button and view all available options