How to insert third party survey link as a hyperlink in an email campaign

Client is attempting to create a hyperlink in a Sphere email campaign. The link would be specific to each recipient and the link is to a user-specific survey outside of Sphere.

First, create the custom profile field

1.Navigate to Contacts > Database Management > Field Management > Manage Custom Fields.
2.Click Add a Field beside Custom Profile Fields
3.Enter a Label for the field
4.(Optional) Choose the folder you wish the field to display in
5.Choose the Data Type Text
6. Click Save

Second, add the custom hyperlink to each record in the receiver base

1. Search for the record under Contacts > Individuals
2. Manage the record and go to Profile > Custom Fields
3. Click Edit and then add the hyperlink to the custom field you just created
4. Click Save

You can also add the hyperlink in mass.

1. Create a CSV field with a column for the Supporter ID, First and Last name, Custom Profile field you just created)
Note: Make sure to add the hyperlink text to each record
3. Save the file
4. Follow the steps below to import and update the records with the custom hyperlink
How to Update existing record


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