My mailing header does not always print

When printing the mailing header with tickets, you may notice that the mailing header does not always print or prints with missing information.
Assuming that your mailing header is configured correctly, there are a few reasons that a mailing header may not print after selling a ticket or may be missing address information:
  1. If the sale has a total of $0.00 a mailing header will not print for the order.
  • Note: A mailing header will not print if the order is discounted 100% or uses a $0.00 price type. 
  1. If the address is marked as 'Do not send mail to this address,' the mailing header will not print the Constituent's address information.
Do Not Mail Constituent Record- 
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Mailing Header that prints upon completion of sale-
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  1. If there is not an address on the record at the time the ticket is purchased, the mailing header will not print with the Constituent's address information. If you add an address to the constituent record after completing the sale, this address will not retroactively populate on the mailing header. If the mailing header is reprinted, It will only print with the Constituent's Name.
  • Note: If a new tab is opened in the browser and the Constituent's address information is entered directly on the constituent record, but the advanced sales screen is not refreshed the ticket will not print with this newly entered address information. Address information can be entered directly in the Advance Sales screen by selecting Edit on under Contact Information on the Select Patron tab. 
Address must show in the advance sales screen-
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If entered in a new tab prior to the completion of the sale the mailing header will not print with the constituent's address information- 
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Mailing Header that Prints upon the completion of each of the above sales -
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Sales > Advance Sales
  2. Enter a constituent name (with address information)
  3. Search for program that has a ticket associated with the program
    • Add a ticket to the cart
  4. Enter a payment
  5. Complete
  6. See that the mailing header does not print with the address information or does not print at all


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