Multiple states and state abbreviations listed in data lists

When looking at a datalist for the US.  States double or multiple state abbreviations may be showing. 
To find the double or triple abbreviations and states go to Admin > Countries and states click on the actual countries names and look in that list to see if they are within there.

For example when going into Guam there were two pages of US states listed. It was also found that six other countries with US state abbreviations listed. To remove click the green chevrons and delete. Then go back and check the data list to see it removed. 

Steps to Duplicate

In CRM create a user defined data list and set it to look for states and state abbreviations. 

Go to Admin > Countries and states
Click on United states and inspect the states within there, if no doubles proceed
Go to another country ( click on the name of said country) for example Guam and check to see if double states and abbreviations are there


 Blackbaud CRM

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