To upload emails that result in the error message being caused by the current Bug, please take the following steps:

1. First, be sure to drag and drop the mail message you wish to upload from Outlook to your desktop or a folder of your choosing > This action will save the email as a .msg file
2. Launch and log into your GIFTS Online site
3. Pull up the Request where you wish to link the email message to
4. Once you have pulled up the Request record, go to New tab > choose Document
5. Once the Document window appears, next to the File Name field, click Browse
6. Choose the .msg file you wish to import to GIFTS Online > Open
7. The .msg file now appears in the File Name field
8. Enter any pertinent details regarding the message > Save & Close

This action will save the email as an External Document to your Request record and will be accessible via GIFTS Online.