We can find these constituents by comparing constituents that received the email message against a Click-through details report.
  1. Go to Email > select Email Campaigns
  2. Select the Campaigns tab
  3. Find your campaign and click Manage
  4. Select the Deliveries tab
  5. Find your email delivery and click Review
  6. Under Related Actions, click Delivery Recipient Report
  7. When that report finishes, click View
  8. Click Add results to group
  9. Click Go in the popup
  10. Fill out the required fields and click Save
Now you'll run the Click-Through Details report. After step 10 in those instructions, click Add results to group. At this point, you should have a group of email recipients and a group containing constituents that performed a Click-Through in your email delivery. Now we'll create a query to compare the members.
  1. Go to Data Management > Query
  2. Click Create a new Query
  3. Fill out the required fields and click Save
  4. Click Add Group Clause
  5. Search for your group containing email recipients
  6. Select that group and click Save
  7. Click Add Group Clause
  8. Adjust the dropdown menu next to "Include contacts that are," select "not a member of any of"
  9. Search for the group that you created from the Click-Through report details
  10. Select that group and click Save
  11. Click Save Query and then Run Query
The results that you get will be constituents that received the message, but are not included in the Click-Through details report, thus only constituents that did not click-through will be included in the query. From the query results page, you can export the constituent data in to Excel by doing a Mail Merge or you can use the query results to create a new group.