1.  In Accounts Receivable select Query> Payment, Dynamic.

2.  On the Criteria tab> expand Basic Payment> select Payment date between <enter the range for Payments you'd like to see>.

3.  Save and Close this query.

4.  In Accounts Receivable> Export> select New>> Payment> select Comma-Separated Values as the Export format> Create Now.

5.  On the Filters tab for Payments, change from All to Selected> mark the option for Query> select the Query you just saved.

6.  On the Output tab> expand Payment and select Payment ID, Deposit number, Payment method, System, and Payment date in the order you'd like.

7.  Expand Distribution> select Credit account number*** and Amount
***You will be prompted for an amount of Distributions to export.  You can put a large estimated number for the amount of different distributions you might expect to see, like 20 or 50 to ensure you get all of the lines of distribution.  Some Payments may have 1 line of distribution, but others may have several.

8.  Expand Applications> select Type***, Transaction ID, and Amount Applied.
***You will be prompted for an amount of Applications to export.  You can put a large estimated number again for the amount of applications you might expect to see.  This would be the number of Charges/Invoices applied to your payments.

9.  Save the query and click Export Now.***
***You will be prompted for a name and file location.

Note:  The export may have some blank columns to delete--this would be associated with the amount of Distributions and Applications we had to select to ensure we got a complete list of the lines of distribution and invoices applied.  Otherwise, you will see each payment only once with the various invoices/charges they're applied to in separate columns in the export.