1.    In Accounts Payable > Reports > Invoice reports > create a new Cash requirements report or open a saved report.
2.    Select the General tab and mark the create an output query of [records] checkbox.
3.    Add any other filters or settings needed to the General and Filter tabs
4.    Preview the report and save the query when prompted
5.    Create a new Invoice Expense allocation report
6.    On the Filters tab, change the option for Invoices from All to selected
7.    Select the saved query from the previous report
8.    Set any other desired settings
9.    Preview the report to see the expense distribution


1. In Banks > Print checks and record bank drafts, select the desired invoices to be included in the report
2. Select File > Preview pre-payment report
3. Select to add a new parameter file
4. On the first tab, mark the option to show invoice detail for each payment > Save
5. Select the newly created parameter
6. Preview the report 
Note: This will also include payment information as to which checks will be paying those specific invoices