Error: [Transaction Code] is required for transactions in Fund X - when generating depreciation for fixed assets

When generating depreciation, the validation error, Error: [Transaction Code] is required for transactions in Fund X, may occur on the control report. 
1. In Records > Assets > Open the asset where the validation message is occuring
2. Select the GL distribution tab
3. Remove the transaction code referenced in the validation > Save the record > Add it back and save again
4. Re-run the depreciation
5. Repeat for any other assets with the error

If this is occurring with all assets, it's possible to refresh this field through an import update:
1. Create a new CSV file with the following fields - 
Asset Import ID [Or Asset ID]**
Debit account
Percent = 100
Credit Account
Project ID
[Transaction Code]
Percent = 100
2. Import this information as an Asset "Update" type to update the distribution

** This field can be exported from an Asset Query
1. Create a new Asset Query
2. On the Output tab, expand Asset > add Asset ID
OR expand Asset Properties and add Asset Import ID
3. Sort as desired
4. Select the Results tab and export to Excel
5. Copy the needed information into the CSV file

Steps to Duplicate

1. in Fixed Asset processing > Calculate Depreciation > create a pre-calculation report 
2. Note validation message of Error: [Transaction Code] is required for transactions in Fund [x] for many of the transactions

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