If an Admin and/or Confirmation notification is received for an older payment or donation, review the Gateway to ensure this was not for a recent transaction and inform the recipient that this is a delayed notification from an earlier submission.

Unhandled Transactions
Unhandled transactions with older dates that are now showing up in onMessage will fall into two scenarios:

Scenario 1: A transaction is now visible that was successful at the gateway on the original submission date
Look up whether this is a duplicate of another transaction already processed through onMessage for the same date.
  • If so, this transaction may have been refunded at the gateway as a duplicate-- in which case, the transaction that is now showing can be deleted.
  • If the transaction was not already handled in onMessage, confirm whether it was already handled when noticed at the gateway; if so, just mark it as handled.

Scenario 2: A transaction is now visible with a failed status
Confirm whether another successful transaction was recorded in onMessage on the same date (e.g. the donor tried again and succeeded).
  • If so, this failed transaction can be ignored.
  • If there is not another transaction for this user and date, follow your normal process when a failure is detected.