1. Click Management
  2. Click eStore (Cart)
  3. Click Manage Cart Discounts
  4. Click New Discount
  5. Enter a name for the discount (this is an internal name, which purchasers will not see)
  6. Select your preference for the Discount Type
    • ​If we select Flat Amount, the purchaser will receive the specified dollar amount off their purchase (for example, $5 off the purchase)
    • If we select Percentage, the purchaser will receive the specified percentage off their purchase (for example, 10% off the purchase)
  7. Select your preference for Who Should Receive This Discount
    • If we select Everyone gets this discount, the purchasers will automatically receive the discount without needing a promotion code
    • If we select Those that enter the specific code, the purchasers will need a discount code to receive the promotion; if we select this option, please enter the discount code that purchasers will use in the blank field (please note that this discount code is not case sensitive)
  8. Select your preference for When Is This Discount Applicable
    • If we select Any time, the discount will not have specified dates
    • If we select Only valid from, the discount will only be active for the specified start and end dates
  9. Click Add/Remove Items
  10. Mark the checkbox for the item(s) that are applicable to the discount
  11. Click OK
  12. In the blank field to the left of the item name, enter the flat rate or percentage amount that will apply to this item
  13. Click Save