In order to do this, follow the below steps:
  1. Open the Grade Book
  2. Click the Edit Setup button at the top of the Grade Book
  3. Change the Calculation Method to “Total Points with Weight"
  4. Click Save and Close
  5. Click Add Assignment to create a new assignment
  6. Double check that ONE of your homework assignments (either this new one or a previous one) is set to “add to cumulative grade” in the assignment’s settings
  7. Save the assignment
  8. Enter a grade for that new homework assignment

Any previous homework ("HW") assignments (entered in the non-weighted “homework” category) should now be visible from the parent/student perspective along with the new one. 

Please note that for your unweighted homework assignments to continue to display, a homework assignment entered AFTER you made the Grade Book change needs to remain in your Grade Book with a grade entered for each student. So, if you add a “sample” assignment (and grade) to get the ungraded HW category to show for parents/students, you need to leave it in your Grade Book - at least until you enter another HW grade.