Constituent Revenue Application Smart Field uses inconsistent logic with pledge write-offs

If you have two constituent revenue application smart fields, one displaying the largest commitment and the other the most recent commitment, you might notice inconsistent logic applied when a pledge is written off.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Have the same constituent first give a large donation and then an even larger pledge
2. Post both of those transactions to GL
3. Create a Revenue Application dynamic selection whose results will contain both the donation and the pledge.
4. Create two Constituent Revenue Application Smart Fields, they should have identical Revenue Type and Transaction Types selected. One should return the value of the Largest application and the other should return the value for the Latest application. Use the selection you created in step 3 to inform these smart fields.
5. Process both smart fields.
6. Create a constituent query and include results only for the constituent you used to give these two transactions. The results fields to display should be as follows:
Last Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Amount
Last Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Revenue Recognition Credits\Amount
Last Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Application
Last Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Designation name
Largest Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Amount
Largest Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Revenue Recognition Credits\Amount
Largest Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Application
Largest Commitment Smart Field\Revenue Application\Designation name

7. Notice that the results of the query shows the pledge as being both the last and largest revenue application.
8. Write-off the pledge in full and reduce the recognition credits by write-off amount.
9. Post the adjustment to GL.
10. Process both smart fields again.
11. Run the query from step 6 again and notice that the largest commitment is now the donation but the latest commitment is still the written-off pledge.


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