1. Click Management
  2. Click eStore (Cart)
  3. Click the Category where you'd like to store this item (if you do not use Categories to separate items, please skip to Step 4)
  4. Click New Item
  5. Fill in the name of the item
  6. Enter a short description and long description for the item; the short description will display next to the item name on the home page or the Category page, whereas the long description will display when the purchaser clicks on the item name
  7. Below the Financial Information heading, select the item's deductibility setting
    • Fully Non-Deductible: Because the purchaser cannot deduct this item from their taxes, we will set the full price for this item
    • Partially or Fully Deductible: The purchaser will be able to deduct all or part of this item's price from their taxes; we will either mark the checkbox for "Allow donor to specify donation amount" or enter the full price and the nondeductible amount
  8. Mark the Shippable checkbox if separate shipping charges apply to the item and enter the Shipping Fee
  9. Mark the Taxable checkbox if the purchaser needs to pay tax on the item
  10. If you have a limited quantity of items, mark the Manage Quantity checkbox and enter the Initial Quantity amount
    • If you'd like purchasers to know how many items are remaining, we will mark the Publicize Quantity checkbox
    • If you'd like to receive an email when the item is sold out, mark the Zero Notification checkbox
  11. If the item should only be available on certain dates, fill in the Start and End Date fields below the Publish Information heading
  12. Click Next
  13. If you would like to upload a thumbnail image, click the Choose File/Browse File button and select the appropriate image file (thumbnail images can be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels
  14. If you would like to upload a regular image, click the Choose File/Browse File button and select the appropriate image file (regular images can be no larger than 300 x 300 pixels)
  15. Click Next
  16. Below the Internal Information section, we can track information about the item's vendor, such as the Vendor's Name, Vendor's Price, Stock Number, Unit, and ID
  17. Below the Transaction Information, we can assign a specific Fund, Campaign, Approach, and Letter for this item; if we do not specify these fields, the item will use the Cart's default settings
  18. Click Next
  19. If you would like to add checkout questions to this item, select the corresponding Field Name enter the Display Text, and click Add; for more information about these questions, please see How to Add a Checkout Question for a specific Item in your Cart
  20. If you would like to automatically assign values for item's User Defined Fields, select the field from the list below the Static Transaction User Defined Field Values heading and select or enter the appropriate value
  21. Click Next to save the item