Searching taking a long time when using Security by Constituency

When Security by Constituency is set in Admin > Security in The Raiser's Edge performance slows down immensely. Searching for a single record takes long periods of time to complete and may never complete but requires users to close the program.
If using Raiser's Edge 7.95 or above, please ensure the SQL Compatibility Level is set to 100, which is recommended for Raiser's Edge 7.95+. 

For more information on how to change this setting, please see
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Steps to Duplicate

1. Log in as Supervisor 
2. Go to Admin > Security
3. Click "New User"
4. Enter Username and Password 
5. Mark the dial to "Selected Group Rights" and move over a group with Security by Constiuency selected
6. Save and Close
7. File Exit & Sign out
8. Sign back in with the credentials created above
9. Go to Records > Open a constituent
10. Type in any user name
11. Program does not respond or takes a long period of time

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