Incorrect constituency coded added to records flowing from Core to the Raiser's Edge

When withdrawing a student in Core, Parents and Grandparents are not receiving the incorrect constituency code regardless of how it is set up in Connect Raiser's Edge. 
We are currently evaluating this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open Core and change a student to withdrawn
2. Open Raiser's Edge and enter the Connect Raiser's Edge plugin
3. Wait for updates to come through and process updates for parents and students
4. Open corresponding Parent or Grandparent record in Connect Raiser's Edge
5. Parent or Grandparent will have an End Date on their Current Parent or Current Grandparent constituency code
6. Parent of Graduated Student or Grandparent of Graduated Student was added to the record instead of Former Parent or Former Grandparent


 Raiser's Edge

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