The Blackbaud Performance Manager data warehouse handles many commitment types which is why there are no specific pledge ids stored in the FACT_Gift table.  However, the following should help demonstrate the relationships involved in pulling the pledge commitment information:
      fgip.GiftCommitmentSystemID as 'FACT_Gift.GiftFactID for Pledge'
FROM dbo.FACT_Gift fg
      JOIN dbo.DIM_GiftType gt on gt.GiftTypeDimID = fg.GiftTypeDimID
      JOIN dbo.DIM_Constituent c on c.ConstituentDimID = fg.ConstituentDimID
      LEFT JOIN dbo.FACT_GiftInstallmentPayment fgip on fgip.GiftPaymentFactID = fg.GiftFactID
WHERE c.FullName like '%Hernandez%'
-- WHERE fg.GiftFactID = 232026

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