Step I. Run a query to locate the desired records on which the email field should be removed
Step II. Export that query. Ensure that Supporter ID, First Name and Last Name are included on the export. 
Step III. Re-import the query. Ensure that the CSV for import has a minimum of the following columns: First Name, Last Name, Supporter ID, Email. 
  • NOTE: All fields underneath the Email column should be blank 
  1. Navigate to Control > Import Center.
  2. Select the Import Files tab.
  3. Click New Import.
  4. Complete Step 1:
    1. Select a Category from the dropdown menu. For editing an email, select Constituents Profile. 
    2. Select a Template from the dropdown menu. For editing an email, select Individual or Organization.
    3. Click Next.
  5. Complete Step 2:
    1. Click Choose File and locate the CSV on your desktop.
    2. Click Open
    3. Click Upload
    4. Click Next
  6. Complete Step 3:
    1. At Step 1, select Supporter ID.
    2. At Step 2, select your file fields then select their corresponding Sphere profile field.
      • Be sure to map your field titled Email to the Sphere Email (email_address)
    3. Click Add Mapping
    4. Click Next
  7. Complete Step 4:
    1. Mark the box beside Email for BLANK DEFAULT VALUE OVERWRITES SPHERE VALUE
    2. Click Next
  8. Complete Step 5:
    1. Mark the box for Update existing Sphere records
  9. Click Next
  10. Give your import a name and click Finish