Purchase order line item is posted but has a post status of not yet posted

Purchase order line item has a post status of Not Yet Posted, yet it does not appear to post when validating the post parameter.  In General Ledger, Journal Entry, the journal entry batch shows the transactions, and has a status of Posted.  Review of the General Ledger accounts show the line item has posted.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate
1. General Ledger > Reports > Account Reports > General Ledger report > Open the report filtered on the associated account and post date
2. Preview > Notice the 2 items that have already posted successfully 
3. Accounts Payable > Records > Purchase Orders > Open PO in question 
4. Notice Post status is showing not yet posted on the line item even though it's already posted -and if you try to toggle the post status to do not post
We get: Receive: Assertion Failed: Unable to create Gl trasnaction object. Routine: CSystemGLBatchWrapper.UpdateGLTransaction


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