This issue is most likely caused by images on your Altru web form that are added using HTTP instead of HTTPS. Altru's web forms all use HTTPS so this may cause an insecure message on your web form due to mixed content being displayed.

To resolve this issue make sure your image links in Altru to use HTTPS by following the steps below:
  1. Click Web > Page Designer
  2. Click next until you get to the configure content tab
  3. Click on the affected image
  4. On the design screen click on the image in the content editor
  5. Click on the image tab and click edit image
  6. Take note of the image's URL. If the URL does not have https in the front then you will need to update that image with an image that is hosted on Altru's secure server. 
  7. Click cancel. Then click the insert tab and click image
  8. Find the image in the list and click the magnifying glass above the image. 
  9. Altru should now display the secure image URL. Copy that URL
  10. Go back to the design editor screen and click on the image tab
  11. Click on the image and click edit image
  12. Replace the URL there with the secure image URL and click update
  13. Click save and submit the page designer. You may need to repeat these steps with every image that appears on your web form using HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Also search your style sheet in Altru for any links that use HTTP instead of HTTPS.
  1. Click Web > page designer
  2. Click on the colors and styles tab > click advanced colors and styles
  3. Click edit style sheet
  4. Search the style sheet for any URLs that don't use HTTPS and correct them
To upload images directly to Altru Web Forms to use in the page designer use the steps below: 
  1. Click Web > Page Designer
  2. Click Next until you get to Configure Content
  3. Click the wheel icon to open the editor
  4. Click the Insert tab > Click Image
  5. Click Add Images in the top left corner
  6. Click Add Images again in the top right corner
  7. Find images on your computer and upload them
  8. Once the images are uploaded, click the binocular icon for the image in the image library to copy the URL to use. Or select the image and click Insert to insert it directly in the editor window. 
  9. Click Save
  10. Click Submit