To include the e-ticket link in their acknowledgement email:
  1. Select the Web tab.
  2. Click Manage event registration forms or Manage program forms
  3. Find the program you will be adding the ticket link to
  4. Click the chevron next to the event's name. 
  5. Click Acknowledgement Email, then click Edit. 
  6. Select the Insert tab.
  7. Click Merge Fields.
  8. Click the + next to Summary.
  9. Click the + next to e-tickets.
  10. Double click the merge field Begin Link to e-tickets page
  11. Close the merge field window.
  12. Type the message you would like to appear in your hyper link for the tickets.
  13. Repeat steps 6-11, but double-clicking the merge field "End link to e-tickets page"
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