To apply shipping fees to the entire Cart: 
  1. Click Management
  2. Click eStore (Cart)
  3. Click Edit Cart Preferences
  4. Click Step 7, Shipping Options
  5. Enter the base shipping amount in the Base Fee field
  6. Enter the express delivery shipping amount in the Express Surcharge field
  7. Enter the international delivery shipping fee in the International Surcharge field
  8. Enter the shipping fees for free orders in the Free Order Base Fee field
  9. Select the organization's country from the drop down menu (this is used to calculate International shipping)
  10. Click Save and Finish

To apply shipping fees to a specific Cart Item:
  1. Click Management
  2. Click eStore (Cart)
  3. Click the Category where you store the item (if you do not use Categories to group items, please skip to Step 4)
  4. Click the Item Name
  5. Below the Financial Information heading, mark the Shippable checkbox
  6. Enter the amount in the Shipping Fee checkbox
  7. Click Save and Finish
For information about how the item shipping fee and the base shipping fees interact, please see How is shipping calculated for Cart purchases?