If this error is seen, most likely it is related to a known Bug in GIFTS Alta that is affecting file uploads based on the file name having double spaces. If you were to upload a document with the file name below, you would receive the error:

'C:\Users\userfolder\Downloads\TestImage  (1).PNG'

Due to the double spaces in the file name, the system does not fully recognize the file name and the error will appear. Note the distance between the words "TestImage" and "(1)". If you were to rename the file as seen below, the file would upload without issue:

'C:\Users\userfolder\Downloads\TestImage (1).PNG'

In this second example, the additional space is removed and therefore, the Bug is not triggered, so the file will upload successfully in this case and can be opened without issue.

Please note that, since the error is easily avoidable, this is a low priority Bug but remains one that we hope to fix in a future build.