Altru will allow you to change the designation for any pledge installments that have not yet been paid. To do this: 
  1. Open the pledge record
  2. Click Edit pledge (or if the pledge has been posted, click Edit posted pledge)User-added image
  3. Under Designations, click on the blue hyperlinked word Designation  
    User-added image
  4.  Add the second designation in the designation list and decide how much of the total pledge should go toward each fund or designation:User-added image
  5.  Click OK.
  6. If your pledge contains paid installments, you will see this message alerting you that the system will not record the previous designation information on the pledge. Note: If you need to maintain a record of what the pledge's original designations were, we recommend creating a Note on the Documentation Tab of the pledge. Click Yes to move forward with the change:  User-added image
  7. Altru will also ask you if you would like to reset your recognition credits to account for the change in designation. Click Yes. User-added image
  8. If your pledge is not posted, skip to Step 9. If your pledge is posted, under Adjustment details, you will also need to enter an adjustment date, adjustment post date, and an adjustment reason on the pledge. 
  9. Next, you will want to make sure that your adjustment is applying correctly on paid pledges. Under Installments, click Edit Installment Designations: 
    User-added image
  10. In the Edit installment designations screen, Altru will automatically distribute the amount for each designations on the future installments based on what is already paid. Altru will also tell you in red what still needs to be applied to the installments. We can adjust each installment by clicking into the Amount fields under the new designation. After the full amount of the designations have been distributed to the installments, click OKNote: You will not be able to edit installments that have already been paid. 
    User-added image
  11. If you have have payments that are posted, you may also need to follow the steps to add an adjustment post date for your payments and re-link them to a deposit. You can find those instructions in our related solution: If a payment adjustment is required, the adjustment post date you enter must be the same as the post date of one or more of the deposits containing payments for this pledge... - when editing pledge installments
  12. On the edit pledge screen, click Save to complete the change.