To create the list:
  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions
  3. Click the List Templates tab
  4. In the Template Category dropdown, select Academic Group
  5. Click View/Copy next to Student Course Enrollment with Faculty
  6. Within Select Objects, on the right column Expand everything by clicking the +
  7. Click the X to remove Course Faculty Object
  8. In the Objects on the left, within Constituent Information select User Register, User Detail
  9. Within Platform, Select Grade Level
  10. Within School Level select School Level and in the pop up select Course Base.School Level click Select
  11. Select the Display Fields tab
  12. Click the X to remove the display fields for: Student First Name, Last Name, and Grad Year
  13. Mark Enable grouping options
  14. Click Select Fields
  15. Expand Course Group, Course Enrollment, and mark Student User ID
  16. Expand User Base [1], User Register, Grade Level and mark Grade Level Abbreviation 
  17. Expand User Detail and mark Gender
  18. Click Select
  19. Next to Course Enrollment.Student User ID in the dropdown, select Count
  20. Select the Filters Tab
  21. Under Global Filters, click the + and add the following Filters in addition to what is already there:
  • User Register.School Year any of and the School Year you are working on such as 16/17
  • Course Term. Term Description is and the name of your course so for example if you are using Semesters: 1st Semester (If you are not sure of the exact naming convention but you know its 1,2,3 etc then select contains 1,2, or 3 instead of IS as the is condition needs to be spelled out the exact way it is in Core > School > Years & Terms)
  • Course Enrollment.Dropped equal to 0
  • School Level.School Level any of Upper (for example)
  1. Title and Save the list