How to grant New Teachers access to FAWeb

This knowledge base article goes over how to Create a New user and grant them access to FAWeb
To add a new teacher to an existing FAWeb User Group: 
  1. Within Education Edge, Navigate to Administration
  2. Select Set up System Security
  3. Click New User 
  4. Enter in Username
Note: Usernames must be completely unique within Education Edge. If receive error: 'User name [user name] already exists. Select another name.' Please, refer to knowledge base article to resolve: Error: User name [user name] already exists. Select another name.
  1. In description, enter in the Faculty members name 
  2. Mark 'Use EE7 Authentication'
  3. ​Enter in password
  4. Re-enter Password
  5. For Use type, select 'User can only access online modules'
Note: Marking the FAWeb Supervisor Rights checkbox on the User Information tab automatically inactivates the Online Security tab. A user can either have Supervisor rights or be an FAWeb teacher and Administrator.
  1. In the Groups section, select the User Group for your FAWeb Users
  2. Select Online Security Tab
  3. Mark Faculty Access For the Web
  4. In the right hand window, click Binoculars and add faculty member's record
Note: Administrator access is different than Supervisor within FAWeb. For more information see knowledge base article: What are the Supervisor, Advisor, and Administrator login rights in FAWeb 
  1. Click Save and Close

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