Option 1: Pull a Transaction Report or an Account Activity Report. 

Both of these reports have to be ran one year at a time to pull the correct totals and would list the transactions for that time frame. Then they could be combined in excel to have all the information displayed in one report.

For more information on Pulling these reports, please refer to: 
How to print a list of transactions in Student Billing 7 
How to run an Account Activity Report

Option 2: Create an Export to just display year after year totals (no transaction break down)

This export looks at the totals on the record as a specific date and combines them to display the year after year totals of a specific date.
  1. Navigate to Export, and click New
  2. Select the Query type of Student
  3. Click Create Now
  4. On the Filters tab, set any filters that you would like
  5. On the Output tab, Expand Student
  6. Select First Name, and Last Name
  7. Select any other biographical information 
  8. Expand Activity Summary, Expand Balance
  9. Select Total Amount
  10. In Pop-up, set the "as of Date" to 12/31/2016, Click OK
  11. Under Balance, select Total Amount, again. 
  12. In Pop-up, select YES (we do want to add this again) 
  13. In the Next pop-up, set the "as of Date" to 12/31/2015, click OK
  14. -Repeat process of adding the Total Amount and setting the As of Date as many times as needed - 
  15. Once all years are added, Click SAVE, and name the Export
  16. Then Click Export Now