Connect RE enables you to automatically update and add information to your Raisers Edge database based on information entered into your “ON” products. For example, when a parent updates an address or a student graduates, that information can be easily shared with your fundraising team. This integration is a one way sync from your "ON" products into Raiser's Edge. To ensure consistency and equalization between the two databases, mapped fields will update in Raiser's Edge with the most current data entered in the "ON" products. Check the mapped data types for questions on what fields will be affected by the integration.

Address record processing in Connect RE
1. Confirm the address types in RE and Core match, address records are matched based on type. Updates in Core will overwrite the mapped fields in Raiser's Edge on a matched address record. If the type does not match a new address record will be created.
2. If there are differences in data on mapped fields between RE and Core this can prompt a new record to get created. Review the mapped fields between RE and Core.
3. Records that share an address should be processed together. When a single record is processed that shares an address with other records pending an update in Connect RE a new address record will be created that is not shared. Once the remaining Connect RE records are processed the sharing will be re-established on the new address record.
4. If you have duplicate countries configured in Raiser's Edge remove the duplicate entries. These can cause duplicate addresses to get created when processing.
  • Have a supervisor user navigate to Configuration, International to view the countries.