Cannot open batch when it contains an activated marketing effort

When users attempt to import a marketing effort that is activated. The import creates the batch, but because it has a marketing effort that it cannot find, the batch cannot be opened and produces the error message 'Batch could not be loaded. The record specified does not exist for this data form.'
Once a marketing effort is activated we do not have the ability to add or edit its segments.

Workaround:  Delete the batch in question


Steps to Duplicate

1.    Create an import file that contains a marketing effort that is activated in CRM. Also, include all other values needed for the import and batch.
2.    Create an import process that uses a direct marketing effort batch template and the file created in step 1
3.    Execute the import process
4.    When the import completes you will notice it lists a number of batch errors
5.    Try to open the batch that gets created, either from the import process hyperlink to the batch number or by going to batch entry and attempting to open/edit the batch.


 Blackbaud CRM

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