1. If using Raiser's Edge, create a query of the constituents to include in the screening.  Then create a constituent export in comma separated values (CSV) format using the query and select the following fields for the output:

Constituent Information, Import ID
Constituent Information, Key Indicator
Address, Preferred Address, Import ID
Constituent Information, First Name
Constituent Information, Last Name
Phones, Phone Type, Email Address

If using Blackbaud CRM, create a constituent query of the records to include in the screening and then export the following fields in comma separated values (CSV) format:

Lookup ID
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Key Indicator

If processing the service with a third-party file, provide the following fields in comma separated values (CSV) format:

Unique ID
First Name
Last Name
Email Address

2. Transfer the file to our FTP site 

3.Email addressfinder@blackbaud.com when the file has been successfully transferred, indicating that you have uploaded your file for Reverse EmailFinder.