The steps below outline how to enable messaging between users in the Directory part:
  1. Create or edit an existing Directory part.
  2. At the bottom of the part configuration, check the box for Allow messaging between users.
  3. Configure the Default subject, Confirmation message, From address, and From name fields along with the default message template.
    • Note: The From address should a domain that you organization controls, such as the Blackbaud NetCommunity domain or a similar domain which points back to your organization.
  4. ​​​Configure the opt out message.
    • Note: The opt out message must contain a link to a page containing a User Email Preferences Form part using the Insert > Link > Create link to special page option.The Email Preferences Form part must be configured to allow for opt outs for directory messaging by editing the box and checking the box to allow for directory opt outs.
  5. Click Save on the Directory part.
After messaging has been enabled, you can search the directory for a constituent. If the constituent has not opted out of directory messaging, a envelope icon will be displayed next to their name. Clicking on the icon will bring up a dialogue box where a message can be sent to that individual. The individual's email address will be masked from the person sending the message. The reply to address will be populated with the sender's address on file in The Raiser's Edge if the recipient would like to reply to the message. 
Note: As of Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.1 Service Pack 1, users do not need to be logged in to send messages through the Directory part. Anonymous users can send messages after passing a reCAPTCHA challenge. Anonymous messaging can be enabled by editing the Directory part then checking the box to Allow users who are not logged in to send messages. Prior to Service Pack 1, users must be logged in to send messages.