Whenever you add an interest update to a link through the system it adds the following parameter to the url: &AddInterest=1111, where the number is the ID of the interest.

To set up an external link to add constituents to an interest group when clicked, first look up the ID of the interest. The easiest way is to look at the interest opt-in group. For example, for the group 'AHS Newsletter(3601) Opt Ins', the ID is 3601. Next, simply set up the hyperlink as you normally would.

You can then add &AddInterest=3601 to the end of the URL you would like to link to (replacing the number with the ID of your interest). Your URL will look similar to this: http://www.google.com&AddInterest=3601. When constituents click on the link they will be added to the AHS Newsletter(3601) Opt Ins group.