To create a new Event Type table entry:

1. Select Config from the navigation bar.
2. Select Tables.
3. From the list of Tables, select Event Types.
4. Click New Table Entry.
5. Enter the new Event Type description.
6. Click OK.

To add the Event Type to the Event record:

1. Select Records from the navigation bar.
2. Select Events.
3. Search to open the existing Event record.
4. On the General tab, in the Type dropdown, select the desired Event Type.

To export Event Participation fields for only a selected Event Type:

1. Select Export from the navigation bar.
2. Click New Export.
3. Under What type of export do you want to create?, select Constituent.
4. Select Export format=Comma Separated Values.
5. Click Create Now.
6. On the Output tab of the New Constituent Export, from Available fields, select any field listed under Event Participation.
7. On the Event Participations window, mark Selected Event Types.
8. Select the desired Event Type.
9. Click OK.
10. Click Export Now to view results.