How to import account information (includes sample data file)

The Account Information import is typically used to add new accounts to eTapestry, but we can also use this import type to update information on existing accounts.
Required Fields
  • Account Name
  • Country (all accounts in the import must be from the same country)
  • Last Name (individuals only)
  • Name Format
  • Persona Type
  • Sort Name

What we can include on an Account Information import
  • New Constituent accounts
  • Updated Persona or account information for existing accounts
  • User Defined Fields stored on the Persona or Constituent pages for new or existing Constituents

What we cannot include on an Account Information import
  • Journal Entries
  • Relationships
  • Team, User, or Tribute accounts
  • New Personas

For a tutorial on how to format the CSV file for your Account Information import, please see the video below:

Steps to import

  1. Click Management
  2. Click Import
  3. Select the category where you'd like to store the import
  4. Click New Import
  5. Enter a name for the import template
  6. Click Browse Files/Choose File
  7. In the Type of Information to Import drop down menu, select Account Information
  8. Select the appropriate CSV file for this import
  9. Select your preference from the Name Format drop down menu
    • If you have multiple types of Name Formats in your CSV file, select "Map from your import file" and select the appropriate column
    • If you have only one Name Format in your CSV file, assign that Name Format to all accounts
  10. Select the Country from the drop down menu (all accounts in the file must be from the same country)
  11. Select your Multi Select Delimiter from the drop down menu; for more information please see What is the function of the Multi Select Delimiter?
  12. Click Next
  13. Click the green arrow icon next to the name of the field
  14. Select the corresponding column from the CSV file
  15. Repeat for all of the fields in your import file (we will not import fields for Name Format or Country on this page since we did that on the first page)
    • Please note that we can select "Use auto-generated Data Entry Rules" for the Sort Name and Salutations (we can also do this for the Account Name on the Individual names)
  16. Click the link that says Import Another eTapestry Field at the bottom of the screen
  17. Click the names of the additional fields you'd like to import (for example, Email)
  18. Click the green arrow icon next to the names of these fields
  19. Select the corresponding column from the CSV file
  20. Mark the checkboxes for the Import Keys; please see What is the function of the Import Key? for additional information
  21. Click Next
  22. Preview the layout of the information
  23. Click Next
  24. Preview the duplicates and select how you would like to handle the information (if there are no duplicates, the database will skip this step)
    • Only Import Into Empty Fields (Merge) will only add new information from the CSV file, but it will not replace any existing information
    • Don't Modify Any Account Info (Trust) will not change anything on the existing accounts, it will also not add any new information
    • Replace eTapestry Info (Replace) will override the existing information in eTapestry with the information in the CSV file
    • Create New Account (Create) will indicate that these are not duplicate accounts and we should create a new eTapestry account for the information in the CSV file
    • Ignore this Line (Ignore) will not import any information from this line in the CSV file to eTapestry
  25. Click Next
  26. Click Run to process the import
  Account Information Sample Import.csv

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