When joing two individuals into a household, the Spouse Title and Spouse Suffix do not update on the Spouse record when importing the information with a constituent update batch

When joining two individuals into a household through a constituent update batch, the title and suffix of the spouse do not update.
To resolve add the Spouse Last name field to the import and batch template fields. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. In CRM, add two individual constituents.
2. Set up a CSV file with header fields of:
Constituent Type
Lookup ID
Last Name
Spouse GUID
Spouse Gender
Spouse Title
Spouse Relationship Type
Spouse Reciprocal Type
Spouse Suffix

3. Fill the CSV file in with information from your two created individual constituents and choose any title and suffix to apply to those fields
4. Set up an import process using the out of box Constituent Update Batch. Add any fields that are in your CSV, but not available by default in the Constituent Update Batch.
5. Import the file into CRM
6. Take note of your created constituent's title and suffixes
7. Commit the batch from the import
8. Notice the constituent chosen as the spouse in the CSV file does not have their title and suffix updated, but the other constituent does


 Blackbaud CRM

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