Records with specific last name will not display last name on linked records

Constituent records with the last name of Cao will not display the first and last name on linked records.  Only the first name appears in the Constituent name field of the linked record.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Login using Admin>Supervisor
2. Click OK to SQL prompt that you are logging into Training Database.  (This is not a User Defined Business Rule, it appears to be in SQL itself)
3. Go to Records>Constituent>Open a Constituent
4. Search and open record with last name Cao (Natalie Cao 664113)
5. Go to the Gift tab and open the gift, see the Name displays only as Natalie
6. Check other records with last name Cao.  Same issue for any linked records.  Actions, Memberships, etc..  Only see the first name, not the last name.
7. Create a new Constituent record with last name Cao and any first name.
8. Add a Gift to that record. Issue persists on new records with last name Cao.
9. Merging records to a new record does not resolve.
10. Adding a character in front of Cao, like XCao, corrects the issue. If you remove the X and save and close the record, reopen the record, the issue returns.
This is true with any Constituent with last name of Cao

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