Error ‘The constituent's type cannot be changed’ when importing organizations as individuals in a constituent update batch.

When importing an organization which already exists in the database into a constituent update batch with a constituent type of individual the error ‘The constituent's type cannot be changed’ is generated. This error cannot be resolved without deleting the row and manually correcting.
Currently we do not have the ability  to change the constituent type from Individual to Organization (or vice versa).

Solution:  Update the Constituent type in the import file and re-import into CRM.


Steps to Duplicate

1.            Create an import file for a constituent update batch where it has a constituent lookup ID for an organization, but has the constituent type field containing individual
2.            Create an import process that will import this file.
3.            Execute the import process
4.            Open the batch that is created by this import
5.            Notice that there is an exception 'The constituent's type cannot be changed.' It is also disabled so a user cannot correct the exception.



 Blackbaud CRM

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